Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Poulan Pro P54ZX

Have you ever wanted to drive a Ferrari? Well, if you are thinking about purchasing a zero turn lawn mower then you might be about to drive the lawn mower equivalent of a Ferrari, which is nearly as exciting. The zero turn mower is the ultimate grass cutting machine!

A ZTR mower is similar to a lawn tractor in some ways. You sit on it to ride it over your lawn, and in the pleasant process of doing so, your machine trims your grass down to a suitable height. The defining feature which separates them, is their ability to make 0 degree turns, making them the most maneuverable, fast, and efficient cutting machines on the market.​

​Zero turn radius mowers are perfect for large lawns, commercial use, and for cutting around obstacles or close to edges. They are every large yard owner's dream, and are a part of every landscape gardeners crucial lawn kit.

​Of course, not all mowers were born equal; the best zero turn mower is a far distance ahead of some of the low quality trash on the market. It is possible to find very capable mowers at all price ranges, though even entry level mowers start at several thousand dollars. It is extremely important to get the best zero turn mower for the money that you have in your budget, and the information we provide here, along with our reviews, will help you to make the right decision.

 Best Zero Turn Mower Comparison Chart

ImageModelHPFuel AC/hrMPHCutting
Poulan-Pro-967331001-P54ZX-Briggs-V-Twin-Pro-24-HP-Cutting-Deck-Zero-Turn-Radius-Riding-Mower-54-InchPoulan Pro P54ZX243.5N/A6601 - 145 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price
Toro-TimeCutter-SS5000-50-inch-23-HP-Kawasaki-Zero-Turn-Riding-Mower-with-Smart-SpeedToro Timecutter SS500023
3N/A7501.5 - 4.54.6 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price
Cub-Cadet-RZT-L-50-inch-23-HP-V-Twin-Kohler-Dual-Hydrostatic-Zero-Turn-Riding-MowerCub Cadet RZT L50232.837501.5 - 44.5 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price
Toro Timecutter MX5050243N/A7601.5 - 54 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price
Husqvarna-MZ61-27-HP-Zero-Turn-Mower-61-InchHusqvarna MZ612854.98.5611.5 - 4.53.3 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price
Swisher-ZTR2766BS-Response-66-inch-27-HP-Briggs-and-Stratton-Zero-Turn-Riding-MowerSwisher ZTR2766BS27
8N/A8661.5 - 43.3 out of 5 starsSee Lowest Price

Factors to consider when buying

Size Of Lawn

There is absolutely no point in buying a zero turn mower if the size of your yard does not justify it. We can  imagine the image now of someone riding one of these beasts around on a 1⁄4 acre lawn. As funny as the image is, we cannot tell you any differently; the zero turn mowers are made for large lawns.

fastest riding mower


One of the key features of zero-turn mowers, is the immense speeds that they can often reach. They can go much faster than their bulkier cousins, the lawn tractor, and some reach top speeds of 8 miles per hour, or even more. This effects the speed that your lawn gets cut, but the faster they go, the larger and more expensive they are likely to be. For medium size lawns, you don't need a Ferrari speed mower, but commercial uses might demand it.​


It is possible that your zero-turn mower will come with any number of features, depending on the make
and model. Zero-turn mower attachments such as baggers and mulching kits are often sold separately, and if you require a specific function then you should check your potential mower can provide. All-in-all zero-turn mowers are more about efficiency, power, and comfort, then they are about accessories, but needless to say it's always a bonus to have a machine that boasts a host of features.


​You are going to be sitting on your brand spanking new mower for the duration of your time shaving the lawn. As effortless as this sounds, you are going to want to be comfy. ​You are not paying all of that money for a sore bum. Ensuring that the design is ergonomic, and that the seating is designed with your comfort in mind, will prevent any niggles in that department.​


5 year warranty

Let's face it, there is a lot that could go wrong when it comes to a beasty zero turn mower. They have engines. Big ones. You drive them around like little cars, and they have blades underneath them which spin rapidly to cut your grass down to size. A lot can go wrong. Luckily, with trustable brands, new quality models, and designs that are built to last, maintenance needs are surprisingly infrequent. Despite this a warranty will bring peace of mind to your significant purchase. Warranties can vary across manufacturers, from 2 years as standard, to much more like 5 years, so anything on the top end of this scale brings an obvious peace of mind.

Price And Quality

Zero turn mowers are expensive bits of kit! The price is often several thousand dollars and as a result you will want to buy the right one. This is a serious decision for you. If you are going to splash out for a zero turn mower, then you may as well get one with quality. A poorly built ZT mower can become an issue, as spare parts can be expensive to order, and maintenance difficult. The vibrations can rattle and work to dismantle a cheap frame, whereas high quality models are built to withstand the test of time. More expensive models, so long as the price represents the actual quality, generally require less maintenance over time.

You can find the top rated zero turn mowers in our reviews, so you know you can buy with confidence.​

When to buy

  • When you have a yard that is very large.
  • For commercial uses, such as for landscape gardeners, who need to make a professional job of a multi­-acre mow.
  • When you are seeking the mobility and maneuverability that a lawn tractor cannot offer.
  • If there are many obstacles, and a need for quality edging.
  • If you want the coolest and meanest type of lawn mower on the planet.

When not to buy

  • When you have a small or medium size lawn, suitable for a push or self propelled mower.
  • When a lawn tractor would be better; if you seek the extra functions that it can offer, or if you are not as concerned with maneuverability and neatness.
  • If you have a low budget.

Types Of Zero Turn Mowers

It is difficult to clearly categorize zero turn mowers, because the boundaries are somewhat blurry. Some of the consumer standard mowers are of such high quality, that it would be unfair to assume they are not semi-professional, or that they would not be suitable for small businesses. A quality zero turn mower is just that, no matter what category it falls into. The larger, more powerful, and faster machines are generally considered commercial, whereas semi-professional models could at least be considered commercially viable, whilst also being suitable for large yard owners. The choice of which type of zero turn mower to go for, will depend upon your uses, and your budget.


Consumer level zero turn mowers include entry and mid­-grade mowers, which the happy homeowner will love to mow with. They are much slower and less powerful than higher grade models, making them unsuitable for commercial use, but they still make easy work of any lawn type, in half the time it would take in a push mower. The comparatively low price tag makes the consumer level model much more accessible to large yard owners who want to upgrade from their standard mowers. They are not designed for everyday use, but then again, you might not want or need to cut your lawn everyday. As long as you buy a high quality model, the lower prices of these models should not put you off.

The best residential zero turn mowers featured in our reviews will serve you very well.


Semi pro zero turn mowers are suitable for every day use, and often come at nearly half the price of a commercial mower. This makes them a great choice for aspiring landscape gardeners who cannot yet fork out for a commercial model as they are able to do just as good a job, perhaps in a little more time. They are also a popular choice for the heavy­-duty yard owner with a beast of a lawn to tame. Although not quite as powerful and capable as commercial models, they can mow up to 4 or 5 acres without needing a refill, are usually fast, and offer comfort features ranging from arm rests to cup holders. Heaven?


At the top end of the spectrum are your commercial grade zero turn mowers. They are the biggest, baddest, and most expensive mowers around. Everything is designed to work how you would want your business to work; as a smooth operation, every single day. The day-to-day use does not damage these ZTs because they are built to last. They also have the most powerful engines, the biggest mowing decks, the largest fuel tanks, and they will whizz you around at much faster speeds than any other type of mower. Some of the best commercial zero turn mower on the market can deal with a whopping 4+ acres of yard an hour!

Zero Turn Lawn Mower Reviews

Poulan Pro P54ZX


Poulan Pro are experts in the world of powertools, and their zero turn riding mowers hit the mark of quality that you would expect from such a reputable name. The Poulan Pro is a highly durable, well built, quality mower that delivers a decent cut and doesn't break your bank balance. A 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine gives a top speed of up to 6 MPH, and the 54 inch deck gives a pretty wide cut. Maneuverability is improved by a duel wheel hydro transmission, and to prove the Poulan Pro are serious about the manufacture of their mowers they offer a 3 year warranty, and a massive 10 year warranty on the deck. If that isn't reassuring then we don't know what is!


  • Durable sturdy design
  • Decent all round mower
  • Good price


  • Have to make sure not to have the RPMs up too high when engaging the blades

Swisher ZTR2766BS


We begin with an industry leader, and a no nonsense zero turn mower that ticks all of the boxes for the owner of a medium to large lawn. Swisher are well known for their high quality designs and builds, and the ZRT27 excels in all areas, with 27 HP of power driving the Briggs & Stratton engine. The mower is capable of achieving speeds of 8 MPH in forward and reverse, and the maneuverability of the Swisher is exceptional, with a new rapid response adding to the already stunning handling of the series. An excellent fuel capacity of 8 gallons makes the ZTR suitable for light commercial work. The only downside is the price, but if you are willing to pay that bit more, you get nothing short of a masterpiece.


  • Massive deck
  • Powerful and fast
  • Healthy grass cut
  • Overall build quality


  • Expensive compared to other mowers
  • Not suitable for smaller lawns

Cub Cadet RZT L50


The Cub Cadet RZT offers a slightly faster cutting rate than most ZT mowers in its price range, despite its pretty standard horse power and width. This is because it is capable of a whopping 7 MPH. The RZT L50 is a little speed demon for your lawn. The fuel capacity is a little low, so this may be suitable for medium to large lawns, but not for commercial ventures, and it is fair to say this model falls into an entry to medium range. Still, this is a down to earth option at a very fair price, and is ideal for those looking to make the upgrade to the world of zero-turn mowers. The ergonomics are well designed, with a high back adjustable chair and fingertip control adding to the overall comfort of the machine.


  • Fast and capable mower
  • Well designed with great control and ergonomics
  • Very reasonable price makes this a great mower for first buy


  • Limited fuel capacity
  • Noisy and not great fuel efficiency

Toro Timecutter SS5000


The Toro Timecutter's main feature is Smart Speed control system, which gives gives you more control over speed and maneuverability. It features two settings which can be easily flipped between. The first is the Mow and Go, for high speed mowing of up to 7MPH, and the second is the Trim and Tow, a slower and more precise setting for neat trimming. It has a neat engine, is generally reliable, and is an all round great residential mower. The Toro Timecutter series is well established, and this one has seen reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. The price makes this mower pretty accessible, but some people have complained that the ride can be a little rough, and the mower can struggle on steeper hills.


  • Great engine
  • Smart speed control system for better control
  • 3 year warranty


  • Ride is a little rough
  • Not the best choice for steep hills

Husqvarna MZ 61


With a decent tank size, a great top speed of 8.5MPH, a lightweight design, and a powerful engine, the Husqvarna MZ 61 is a well balanced zero turn mower. It has a very decent cut rate for a semi- professional model, at nearly 5 acres per hour, so whether you want to make short work of your own yard, or even make a buck with a high quality trim of a client's property, the MZ 61 is a solid option. The wide cutting width and high top speed make this a highly efficient machine, and the ride is very comfy too. The Husqvarna MZ61 is fast and exhilarating, but still keeps a quality cut. Power and speed combine with a new approach to comfort, that previous models in the series lacked. It is however, pretty expensive, and has not been reviewed by that many customers so far.


  • One of the fastest mowers available
  • Well balanced and high performance
  • Great cut


  • You pay much more for the extra spec
  • Isn't quite commercial grade, but performs nearly as well

Toro Timecutter MX5050


This is the second Toro Timecutter, out of many more decent models, to enter our list of the best zero turn mowers. In terms of the spec, the MX5050 is not much different to the less expensive SS5000. So, what does it offer for the extra costs? It is just a little bit better in every way. The cut is a slightly higher quality, and the MX5050 takes more acre to offer a smooth ride, with more comfort and stability. The build is also more durable, and less breakages and maintenance has been reported compared to other models in the series. It can take on slopes and obstacles with ease, has a decent top speed of 7 MPH, and easy start and smart speed options for control. Is it worth paying extra? It depends whether you want the extra features and comfort.


  • Great engine and quality cut
  • A cut above other Timecutters
  • Comfortable and durable


  • More expensive
  • Small fuel capacity and cutting width for its price