Highest Rated Lawn Mowers 2018


The technology and design of lawn mowers is forever advancing, and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the greats from the not-so-greats. Whatever type of lawn mower you are looking for, it is important to know that you are finding not only great value for money, but also a high quality product that is built to last, and that will make for a beautiful lawn.

​We have selected the highest rated lawn mower for 2017, for each category, to save you the bother. Taken from user ratings, you can be sure that the following mowers tick all of the boxes:

​Top Rated Self Propelled Lawn Mower

​The Honda HRX217VKA wins the competition for top rated self propelled lawn mowers, and reviews emphasize its incredibly powerful engine, neat finish, and sturdy reliability. It features micro-cut twin blades for a great finish, as well as a 4-in-1 mow system, and seven height settings.

​Customer reviews are mostly positive, and with an overall rating of 4.5/5, out of a massive 430 customer reviews, the Honda has truly proven to be the highest rated lawn mower of 2015 for the self propelled mower category.

The Honda HRX217VKA scores very highly for quality, features, and ease of use, though some people think it is a little expensive, with the value score teetering towards 4/5.​

​“An excellent lawn mower. Had a Toro, and did not last, so went to the Honda. Very glad I made the switch. There is no comparison. The Honda is superior in every way. Easy to use with the variable touch speed control. If your lawn is flat, you may not use it all the time as the large wheels on the mower make it easy to push. Cutting and grass pick up by the bag is excellent. You will enjoy using this Honda model. I would have purchased the next model up with the electric start, but the store does not carry that model.”

Best Rated Push Mower


​The best rated push mower for 2015, is the Husqvarna 7021p, with a solid rating of 4/5 over 478 reviews taken from Amazon and other customer reviews. The Husqvarna is extremely good value for money, and has loads of features that other mowers of a similar price simply do not pack. A 3-in-1 cutting system, ergonomic easy-storage handle, and a 160cc Honda engine, all make this a formidable mower, worthy of its place in the list of highest rated lawn mowers 2015.

User reviews emphasize the great value of the mower, as well as the quality of the engine, and the ease of assembly. The mower is generally considered very easy to operate, and great for use on small to medium lawns.​

​Complaints of breakages drag the rating of this mower down somewhat, with over 60 people giving the product a one star. Middle ground reviews make some complaints about the mulching capabilities of the mower, but generally it has received very positive feedback, consistently, and should be considered an extremely good value option.

“Just wanted to let anyone wanting a great value mower know, this is the one. The mower was received in perfect packed condition and was very easy to assemble with the great enclosed instructions. After assembling and adding motor oil to recommended level, and filling fuel tank, the engine started on the first pull. The engine has a much lower noise level with the equipped Honda 160cc. Major value and quality with the purchase of this Husqvarna Mower.”​

​Best Cordless Electric Mower


​Basically, and in all honesty, a top notch cordless electric mower is difficult to find. The battery driven engines often lack the cutting power of the gas or petrol mowers, but the cordless provides an environmentally friendly mowing experience, with clean air, and barely any noise. The Torro 20360 is the best cordless electric mower of 2015, with a review rating of around 3.6/5, taken from Amazon and other sites.

The Toro 20360 has been complimented for its mulching capabilities, and as well as its efficient battery, which has a lifespan capable of tackling a small lawn in a single session, and a charge time of 3 hours for 70%. The power and cutting capability of the Toro are very decent, and even tough grass can be tackled with ease.​

The criticism for the Toro, comes largely from its bag-catching ability, or lack thereof. The bag is small, and sometimes clogs. On top of this, it can be tedious to change the cutting height, and when not in motion, the Toro 20360 can be heavy to move around. Despite this, its simple, clean, and capable design, give this mower a place with the highest rated mowers 2015.​

​“This product has worked very well for me! I have had it for what must be three years now. And I wasn't confident in the battery technology before I bought it because I have had some lesser brands of battery operated equipment turn into junk or need charging before the work is done. I have a front lawn and a back lawn and this does not need to be recharged between mowing the front to back. I mow the lawn plug it in its charger in the garage, come out the next day after the right amount of time has passed and I am ready to mow in two weeks again. I like to keep the light blade sharp. And last year I believe I spray painted the blade orange after giving it a good cleaning! But again bought this product to avoid the Carbon Monoxide of Gas Powered models!”