How To Replace Lawn Mower Blades

Regularly checking your lawn mower blades will help you keep a healthy and lush lawn. Failure to do so will tear your turf up and degrade your expert mowing abilities. Many are surprised when they find out just how easy it is to replace a lawn mower blade. It is not a job that requires the help of professionals. To top it off replacement blades usually come relatively cheap.

Maintaining your lawn mower is important for its overall performance, and will help it to deliver the same quality cut that it did the day that you bought it, for much longer. When the blade is sharp your lawn will stay sharp too. A sharp blade gives a clean cut, which allows your lawn to grow healthily.​

Changing the blade when it is thinned or damaged, is just one of the ways that you can tune up your mower.​

When Does A Lawn Mower Blade Need Replacing?

It is good practice to sharpen your lawn mower blade at least twice a season to stop it from becoming dull. You should do this more often if you use your lawn mower frequently. Once a blade has been sharpened a few times, it will be difficult to make it sharp again, and will need replacing.

​You should also replace the blade if it becomes damaged in any way, rather than just dull. For example, if the blade is dented then it will need changing.

There is no set amount that you should sharpen or change the blade, but you should look out for some telling signs that the blade is damaged:

  • Look out for an unevenness in your lawn. When you mow the lawn the grass should all be cut to the same height, with no irregularities. This unevenness will cause you to have to mow over the missed patches again, requiring much more time.
  • Examine your grass closely. If the blade is really sharp and not damaged, then the grass will be clean cut. If the blade is damaged or blunt, the grass will be torn. Torn tips can cause your lawn to become unhealthy, and eventually brown, leaving dead spots on your lawn. A dull blade could be one of the reasons that your lawn is dying.
  • Take a look at the blade. See whether it is sharp. Have a look for any obvious defects. If your blade is bent, chipped, cracked, or has become thin through too much sharpening, then it is definitely time to replace the lawn mower blade. If it's not the blade that is damaged, but the lawnmower is underperforming, it might be time to consider a new mower.

Sharpen Or Replace?

If the blade is simply dull, as is often the case with unevenness and torn tips, then you may be able to get away with sharpening the blade. Remember, you can only do this a certain number of times and then the blade will become thin.

The blade will need replacing if you see signs of actual damage to the blade. This can be caused when you hit rocks or branches, or be worn down over time with the debris, or can occur by over-sharpening. If on doubt, lawn mower blades are not actually too expensive to buy.​

Where To Buy Lawn Mower Blades?​

You can buy lawn mower blades from Amazon or Home Depot, which both have an excellent range of blades to fit the most popular makes and models. You will need to be sure of your lawn mower brand and model, and order a blade that is compatible. Follow the instructions manual if you need exact guidance.​

Here are some of the lawn mower blades sold by Amazon:

How To Replace A Lawn Mower Blades​

You have inspected your lawn and your mower blade, and have decided that it is well worth an investment to change the blade. You will be happy to know that this is not a difficult job, and can be achieved in 5 easy steps:​

  • Step 1: Remove the spark plug so that the mower doesn't accidently start while you are changing the blade. This is just a safety precaution.
  • Step 2: Set your lawn mower on its side. The best way to do this is to tilt is backwards towards the handles, and then to prop it up with something while you remove the lawn mower blade. It might be worth doing this with the gas empty, so as not to spill.
  • Step 3: Remove the fasteners that hold the blade on your mower. Usually this is just a single nut and bolt, but some mowers have a few. Just use a socket wrench to remove the bolt. Hold the blade with your other hand. At this stage, pay attention to the position of the blade, so you know how to position the new one.
  • Step 4: Remove the old blade, which should now just slide off. Make sure you keep the nuts and bolts safe, in case you need them for your new blade. If they are also damaged, then be sure to order some new ones.
  • Step 5: Install you new lawn mower blade. Position it exactly how your old one was, and attach it using the bolts that you took off, or new ones if they are provided. Make sure you bolt the blade on tightly, but do not over-tighten it as this will warp the blade and cause it to vibrate. Check the play of the blade before you use it.

Check out the video below for more advice on how to replace a lawn mower blade:

Changing a lawn mower blade is very easy, and doesn't cost very much. This simple bit of maintenance can bring back a healthy and lush lawn again.