best portable workbench

Best Portable Workbench

For any person who works with wood for a living, or for anyone who likes a bit of DIY around the home, a workbench is a crucial bit of kit. A workbench provides a sturdy support for the materials, while holding them in place in order that you can apply both hands to your tools, and to the craft of the wood. They range form the very basic  workbench, which simply clamps the wood between two parts, to more advanced mechanisms, and multi-functional workbenches for professionals.

​There are thousands of portable workbenches out there, and the best portable workbench for you is the one that meets your needs for the best price. A garden-hobbyist will likely be happy with our budget options, while a keen craftsman or  professional tradesman will likely need the creme-de-la-creme, with all the features, no matter what the cost. Here we bring to you the best portable workbench to suit all budgets, based on portable workbench customer reviews.

​Best Portable Workbench Under $100

Keter 17182239 best portable workbench under 100

​The Keter 17182239 is a sturdy, yet lightweight table. It weighs less than 30 pounds, and is extremely compact, folding down to less than 4 1/2” for easy storage. The workbench makes a great alternative to a sawhorse, and with it you can clamp both horizontally and vertically. Two one-handed clamps are included. The Keter has been highly praised for its mobility and ease of use, and for the price, it really could be the best portable workbench for home projects. Professionals will probably want to seek something that is designed for more heavy-duty use.

​Best Portable Workbench Under $200

Vika 2-in-1 best portable workbench under 200

​It may not be as well known, or as cheap as Keter workbench, but the Vika 2-in-1 is more useful for people who work in the trade, or who are involved in serious building projects. As the name would suggest, the Vika doubles up as a scaffold, and is wide enough to fit two people on it, working side-by-side. As a workbench, it provides everything you need, and a little extra. One of the main features that makes this the best portable workbench for the price, is the electric hook-up, which provides power outlets for up to three tools. It also includes a circular-saw cut out, angle markings for accurate measurements, and a tool holder and cup holder. A sealed MDF finish, along with a sturdy capacity, and quality build, make this workbench a great buy. Portability wise, it folds down for easy storage, and weighs around 43 pounds.

​Best Portable Workbench High Budget

Festool MFT-3 best portable workbench

​It doesn't have the highest weight capacity out of our options, but the Festool MFT/3 wins the prize for being the most versatile portable workbench available, and is suitable for  professionals, and precision crafters. It is clearly expensive, and maybe its even fair to say that it is a little over-priced, but you will not be upset by the product- it is perfectly designed, with an attention to detail that you won't find anywhere else, such as dust extraction. There are a huge variety of clamping options, with a perforated top and threaded inserts for even more ease of use; the Festool can handle even oddly shaped materials. The product comes with an angle unit, an angle stop, and a guide rail, for super-accurate measurements and precision cutting. Need more space? The Festool workbenches can slot together to form a whole work area. If you have a bit of an extra budget to spare, then portable workbench reviews would suggest you splash out on the Festool MFT/3.

​Best Portable Workbench Low Budget

​If you are not looking for the features or accuracy of a several hundred dollar workbench, then there are plenty out there that give you a sturdy simplicity, without breaking the bank balance. The cheapest product which still achieves high ratings in the portable workbench reviews, is the Black & Decker WM125, which is a very basic model that offers a clamping system that works well as a saw-horse. If you are just looking for a very compact, lightweight, and cheap workbench that you can store easily, and whip out for your one-off projects, then this could be it. Not one for the experts, the WM125 is slightly lacking in quality, and parts can break and wear over time, as can be expected  from a bench which is on offer at such a rate. Bargain!