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How Long Does Paint Last

How Long Does Paint Last?

A good painting stands the test of time, but what really makes it last? The quality of the paint itself. From artists’ palettes to contractors’ paint rollers, paint has long served both creative and practical functions. To make it serve your purposes for as long as possible, it is worth knowing the answer to the question: how long does paint last?First […]

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Airless Spray Painting Tips & Tricks

An airless spray painter can get the job much faster than a traditional brush or roller method, and with a few tips and tricks to get you on your way the results can be excellent. It is possible to cover large areas in your desired color, all the while keeping a very even finish.There are, however, some fatal flaws to […]

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best airless paint sprayer for the money

Best Airless Paint Sprayer For The Money

​An airless paint sprayer helps you to get your job done much faster than a brush or roller. You can use them to apply paint, latex, or oil, or stain on the surfaces that you are coating. An airless spray gun, as apposed to a HVLP, uses a cylinder to apply pressure to the paint, which results in a efficient […]

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