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Woodworking Projects For Beginners

37 Awesome Woodworking Projects For Beginners

When I was first introduced to woodworking, I was simultaneously excited to start and yet unsure of where to begin.It turns out, you don’t need years of woodworking experience to build neat (and functional) items.We all have to start somewhere. Once you accept that you won’t be building a complex sculpture for your first project, you can begin to look […]

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best wood router

Best Wood Router of 2018

The evolution of the wood router, like the evolution of all power tools, gives us more choice than ever before, with more power and precision, all at a lesser cost. There has never been a better time to purchase a new wood router, and the only issue that the consumer usually faces, is how to know which brand names and […]

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best band saw reviews

Band Saw Reviews to Get You Cutting

A band saw is an electrically powered saw which consists of a flexible “band” of metal with teeth along one side. The band is run over wheels, providing for an endless cutting loop while the machine is turned on. Band saws are primarily used for woodworking, with many also being designed to handle metals or other materials – including meats, […]

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Bamboo Furniture: Make furniture out of grass?

Can you actually build furniture out of a grass? Yes, you can with bamboo. Bamboo is actually a grass not tree. Because it’s hollowed out stem does not contain any woody material. However, its hollowed out stem is being dried, cut and glued into plywood sheets. These plywood sheets look and behave like any other plywood sheets. So, how well […]

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10 Ways to Save Money When Purchasing Lumber

Who doesn’t want to save some money when purchasing wood? Here are ten tips to help reduce the cost of purchasing lumber without reducing the quality of your wood working project. 1. Build less visible parts from lower cost woods. Hidden parts of the project do not need to be built out of the same wood as the visible parts. […]

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Best Router Table & How To Use It

A wood router is one of the most versatile and crucial tools for any woodwork or joinery, and you won’t want to live without one. Tools Around The House have provided an extensive information and reviews about wood rooters in this article.It is possible to carry out a lot of woodwork with a handheld router, but a router table makes […]

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How Not to make joints

How NOT to Make Joints

Woodworking could be described as the science – or art- of making joints in lumber. Granted, it’s an oversimplification, but as oversimplifications go, it’s a pretty useful one. When you’re talking about a joint in woodworking, you’re referring to any connection between two pieces of wood. That’s it.​Of course, there are lots of different types of joints, but the basic […]

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Woodworking with hand tools

Woodworkers often disagree on the place of hand-tools in the workshop. Some believe that hand-tools should be a woodworker’s primary equipment, while others use hand-tools only to do the jobs power-tools are incapable of handling. Some woodworkers even forgo power-tools entirely, preferring to follow an entirely traditional carpentry route.Any woodworker will agree on two things; that quality hand-tools are much […]

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