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Garden Tools Category

There are a lot of garden tools out there but we gathered a list of the most popular garden tools every homeowner should have.

When it comes to lawn maintenance, lawn mowers are off course indispensable machines. Which type of lawn mower you need will greatly depend on the size of your lawn.  Our self propelled lawn mower reviews will help you make the right decision.
Another essential tool for a healthy lawn (and easily forgotten) is a lawn aerator. Read more about it in our lawn aeration guide.

To get that clean, tidy look, you'll need a lawn edger to get those perfectly landscaped lines. Check out which brands made our 10 best lawn edger list.

Woodworking Tools Category

As with garden tools, woodworking tools can be divided in two groups: hand tools and power tools. A claw hammer is one of the essential hand tools in the tool box because it is used for anything from framing to crafting to dismantling. For a basic woodworker a twenty-ounce claw hammer is a good fit. 
An electric drill is also indispensable in the woodworker’s toolkit. Cordless drills are the most convenient, and can not only drill holes, but grind and stir and sand.
A chisel is next on the list of essential tools. If it’s made from high alloy carbon steel, that is the way to go. This tool will help to clean joints and mortises on wood and it also refines raw edges.
To finish we would recommend a spirit level. This tool ensures that everything is hung perfectly level, and is imperative in all carpenter’s toolkits.
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Painting Tools Category

Putting together a toolkit of painting tools with your essential painting needs starts with a paint comb. This will help you clean your paintbrushes which is one of the most important tasks in painting. A paint comb will open up the bristles, allowing for the loosening and removal of paint. 
A sash brush is another great device to help with those small and intricate areas around windows. Investing money in a good one of these brushes will go a long way.
Masking film is very important in a painter’s toolkit. It is a thin piece of plastic that adheres to surfaces via static electricity. This is used to cover doors, windows, cabinets, walls and anything else that needs covering. Pre-taped masking film is also available for a bit more money.
The last two essentials for the painter’s toolkit are painters tape and a paint sprayer. Painters tape is important in keeping the paint where it needs to be, but it is expensive, so use it sparingly.
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Grinding Tools Category

When it comes to grinding tools, an angle grinder is an important device for grinding mortar. 
This tool is comprised of a spinning disc that runs at extremely high RPM’s. 
Using different discs on this grinder will get different results. Buffering discs will buff metal, a grinding wheel will cut metal or sharpen metal edges, a dry cut diamond wheel will cut tile, masonry and ceramic.
A cylindrical grinder is used to shape the outside of objects. This tool only works on objects that have a central axis which rotates. These objects include, but are not limited to, ellipses, cylinders, a cam and a crankshaft. 

Air Tools Category

A tire chuck is a good place to start for stocking the air tools in the garage. This is a very basic tool that comes with a variety of needles and can inflate just about anything. 
Next on the list of essentials is a blow gun. These are hand pneumatic tools that are used to clean off workbenches, or inflate small pools.
A brad nail gun is a good option for the toolkit as well. This is useful for hanging anything from crown molding to bookshelves to window frames.
An impact wrench is very handy when it comes to taking out bolts fast. This tool also comes with plenty of torque to remove car parts and wheels.
A pneumatic ratchet is especially nice for turning screws or bolts that are particularly obstinate, the ratchet will do all the work.
Finally, a stapler is a good ‘staple’ to have around the garage. It is good for roofing and carpeting, and will make any job go faster. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to